Learn Together

Youth Camp June 11-16 Ferncliffe Summer Camp Little Rock, Arkansas

For youth interested in Church Camp this summer please apply for scholarship. To register for camp go to www.ferncliff.org/Oklahoma

Youth Church Camp Scholarships



Youth meet Wednesday evenings at 5:32 pm for a light supper, fellowship, learning and growing together.

Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. , lower level contact: Mike Morris or Jim Ethridge, co-leaders.

Presbyterian Women's Group

Presbyterian Women’s Groups meet monthly for fellowship, study and service. They are heavily involved in supporting the outreach ministries of the church, and they enjoy sponsoring a number of benefit activities throughout the year such as Circle of Friends and Another Good Book.

Fellowship Events

Fellowship Events provide great opportunities to get to know other people of all ages across the church. We have multiple opportunities throughout the year to gather as a church family so that we might get to know one another and see how God is working in each person’s life!

Contact the Church Office for more information on church activities!