A Letter From Our Pastor:

Welcome to First United Presbyterian Church

We are located on “church row” in the heart of historic downtown Guthrie. Since our ancestors first established this congregation of faithful believers on June 30, 1889, we have extended a table of welcome into the community. While our ministries have changed over the years, our values have remained consistent. We are a caring family of Christians striving to bring individuals closer to God through worship, education, fellowship, and service.

We gather every Sunday morning at 10:45 a.m. as a congregation composed of longtime members and visitors, people filled with faith and people filled with doubt, individuals who know the Bible well and folks who are picking up a Bible for the first time, people who have always been in church and people who have never set foot in a church before. We gather, and we seek to be authentic – real – honest – genuine.

Our weekly worship includes a lot of congregational singing, the reading of scripture, prayer, choral and instrumental music, moments of silence for reflection and listening to God, and a message that seeks to be relevant, applying the Bible to our lives as individuals and as a community of faith.

Worship is held in the historic sanctuary and is enhanced by beautiful stained glass and artwork. The sanctuary has the power to touch you, but we hope and pray you will be touched more by the people who gather in the pews with you to celebrate God’s presence in our lives.

You are welcome to come just as you are…some people wear jeans and other people wear a suit and tie – come in whatever way is comfortable for you – we do not care what you wear. You will hear the voices of children in our worship before they depart for their own special educational experience. We value children and youth as a part of our worshipping community and congregational life and we seek to include them in creative ways.

We look forward to seeing you!